Regrowth Plus 2X1

concentrated spray for hair regrowth

The concentrated spray for hair regrowthFall Arrest + Regrowth - Stops the fall

  • Reactivates dead follicles
  • Stimulates growth
  • Lotion for both men and women
  • Proven effectiveness

Regrowth PLUS is the new concentrated spray formula for natural hair regrowth without having to resort to long and expensive treatments. Contains 3 natural ingredients essential for the success of the lotion.


it is an essential amino acid and has a major impact on hair growth. Arginine stimulates growth by opening the calcium channels of the cells.


it hinders the DHT production process which prevents the development of new hair, leading to the onset of baldness.


is able to preserve the hair from thinning, avoiding hair loss, thanks to the presence of phytoestrogens. It stimulates the growth of the canopy.


Regrowth PLUS stops the loss and reactivates regrowth for both men and women.Use the product daily by shaking it before use.


Spray the lotion on the head and massage gently with circular movements to promote the absorption of the product and stimulate microcirculation. 
Do not rinse once applied.


  • Greater resistance to falling
  • New regrowth in a short time even in dead areas
  • Strong and shiny hair


Regrowth PLUS is essential to stop the loss.

There is no need to use many different products: Regrowth PLUS is effective for both preventive and curative purposes. Regrowth PLUS stops the loss and reactivates the dead follicles by speeding up the regrowth of each bulb directly from the root.

These ingredients, combined together, block the hair loss process and, at a later time, determine its regrowth, filling the thinning areas.

A truly effective product

After trying many products without success we have finally found the ideal formulation to help every person to give new life to their hair.

- Effectiveness in a short time
- Reduction of thinning areas
- Activation of the bulbs
- Shine and Strength

Using Regrowth PLUS daily, you will see the first improvements after a short time

stops hair loss!