skin treatment for men

Excellent care for the excellent man

Why Lumin?

Return your partner / mom / sister's eye cream, because it won't be needed. Men's skin is something else entirely: it is thicker, harder and structured differently from that of women. Lumin makes products tailored to your skin type and creates preparations that take into account the problems of your skin.

Lumin creates a personalized male grooming regimen based on an individual's answers to a few simple questions designed to pinpoint your major skin care problems. Some of these concerns may include limiting extreme dry skin, wrinkles, dark circles, signs of aging, clogged pores, or acne scars.Whatever it is, Lumin has a solution.

Cleans, moisturizes, repairs


Dry skin, facial fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles.

Hair and body

It strengthens your hair follicles, restores volume to thinned areas and treats your body skin as you have always dreamed of.

Lumin offers a free package that responds to our skin type and our concerns. To put it simply, the package includes everything you need to clean a face that deals with many product tests, including a moisturizing conditioner, a charcoal cleanser, and a defense for dark circles. Lumin also offers free trials to new customers. Check out Lumin Skin Care'stwo main formulas - and our favorites - that make up the Dynamic Duo kit : The No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser and Premium Moisturizing Balm. These two, when used in tandem, are all you need to keep your skin health at the top of its game.

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