anti-aging solution for the face

Use LiftUP also for the eye contour and start fighting wrinkles from the first application. Thanks to the action of pureshea butter and hyaluronic acid you can: 

  • reduce wrinkles immediately 
  • give your skin the necessary vitamins 
  • immediately straighten the eye contour 
  • fight bags and expression lines.

Liftup, thanks to the pure extracts of Hyaluronic Acid and Karitè Butter, restores the lost elasticity to your skin, a silkiness worthy of past youth but above all it counteracts the wrinkles that, too often, ruin our face. LiftUp makes you younger with just a few applications a day. Your new elixir of youth is now called LiftUp !

Easy to use

Forget long and expensive treatments, with LiftUP you only need 5 minutes a day. Your daily youth treatment, for visible results much earlier than you imagine.

The Karitè butter is a substance derived from the seeds of Vitellaria paradoxa , plant of the familySapotaceae widespread in Africa.

Its seeds are also called shea nuts for simplicity. The shea plant is a real tree that can reach a height between 10 and 15 meters and the diameter of whose trunk easily touches the meter. 

At Karitè butter is attributed emollient, nourishing and moisturizing properties, which make it an excellent natural cosmetic for skin care. It is believed that it can help protect the skin from solar radiation and can be used as a cosmetic for the prevention of wrinkles and to keep the skin young.

Immediate results

With LiftUP the results are very clear from the first application. A few weeks of treatment to eliminate wrinkles, have a radiant, elastic, beautiful and young skin.

It is thanks to the use of Karitè butter that African women keep their skin beautiful, soft and young even in old age, so much so that Karitè nuts are considered as the fruit of the tree of health and youth. Shea butter has antioxidant properties that are able to protect the skin from the outside from the action of free radicals.

The antioxidant action is mainly due to the vitamin E content of shea butter, which also has vitamin A and vitamin D. The application of shea butter on the skin allows it to maintain its natural and healthy complexion, to hydrate and nourish it, as well as to protect it from external agents, such as sunlight, wind and cold , due to its filming properties and filtering.

Effective and Economic

Nothing, medical LIFTING , no shopping spree. Only nature, a bit of consistency and your LiftUP cream , nothing else to say enough to wrinkles and premature aging.

LiftUP anti-age immediate effect!