Goji Cream

Revitalizing Cream

Goji Cream

  • Reduces wrinkles and deep expression lines
  • Gives the skin back elasticity and firmness
  • Contributes to skin enlargement


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Deep hydration
  • Contains natural ingredients

Goji cream is a natural medium that can slow down the aging process, helping the skin and enriching it with healthy vitamins and peptides.

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Goji cream is the new skin regeneration formula that works for people of all ages and skin types. It is a cream enriched with natural anti-aging cells, plant stem cells, which help the skin to rejuvenate faster.
Unlike skin stem cells, which have slow regeneration properties, plant stem cells can divide many times, thus fighting the most common signs of aging. The cream stimulates collagen production and skin regeneration, making fine expression lines on the forehead and around the mouth less visible.

One of the main advantages of Goji cream is its ability to provide deep hydration, making the skin elastic and smooth in the long term. Vitamin E increases skin elasticity, thus reducing the phenomenon of sagging skin and age spots. Natural antioxidants such as amino acids protect the skin from inflammation, increase collagen production and prevent premature wrinkle formation. Active ingredients such as betaine have positive effects on skin renewal, reducing dark circles under the eyes and filling in deep expression lines.

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