Cappuccino MCT

bulletproof coffee integrator

Cappuccino MCT is a coffee with slimming properties. It is a so-called "bulletproof coffee", that is to say a drink with the addition of healthy fats, which allows you to lose weight, reduce appetite and improve cognitive functions. The Cappuccino MCT is a product that gives the body a huge injection of energy, accelerating the metabolism and the fat disposal process.

The MCT Cappuccino supplement was created based on 8 ingredients, which in a natural way make you lose unnecessary pounds. The supplement accelerates the disposal of calories, inhibits the accumulation of fat, increases the feeling of satiety and stimulates action.

MCT Cappuccino is a soluble powdered preparation to be dissolved in water, reminiscent of cappuccino both in taste and texture. The effectiveness of Cappuccino MCT is given by the mix of ingredients that put in place a complex of beneficial actions for the body:

  • burn accumulated fat faster
  • speed up the metabolism in a natural way
  • increase the sense of satiety
  • redefine the silhouette by shaping the figure

Other ingredients

  • Garcinia Cambogia (Garcinia gummi-gutta): appreciated for years for its slimming capabilities, it is considered the best element present in nature with slimming action. It is a plant native of South-East Asia and its effectiveness comes from the active ingredient HCA a hydroxycitric acid, able to inhibit the action of the enzyme that regulates fat metabolism. Also in this case, the slimming action on fat accumulations and the ability to block hunger is remarkable.
  • Chromium: is a chemical element (present in our body or in some foods such as dairy products, although in small quantities) that has excellent slimming properties. Its task within Cappuccino MTC is to accelerate the metabolism and burn more calories than normal. Another particular is the ability to act on the muscles giving tonicity (it is perfect when you want to increase muscle mass), moreover, Chromium is particularly effective to reduce stress and fatigue.
  • Caffeine: we know very well this ingredient, present in many preparations, is effective for different purposes. Within Cappuccino MCT has the task of decreasing the sense of hunger, counteract fat accumulations and accelerate the metabolism. We often find this element in the treatment of obesity.

The functioning of this supplement is explained by the action of each single ingredient or the combination of some of them. The main ingredient, on which we will dwell later on, is the MTC oil which, combined with coffee, gives life to the so-called "bulletproof coffee". The two ingredients, working in synergy, are able to produce a slimming effect out of the ordinary, just for the specific capabilities of each of them:

  • MCT oil contains beneficial, medium-chain fatty acids in the form of triglycerides. Within the body they have the extraordinary ability to stimulate slimming
  • The coffee, naturally rich in caffeine, has the ability to speed up the metabolism by consuming more calories

The ingredients of the MCT Cappuccino supplement:

  • ID-aIG it is a compound of brown algae and grape seed extract. It is very rich in long chain polyphenols (florotannins) able to inhibit the activity of two digestive enzymes: lipase and amylase. In this way the absorption of fat is significantly reduced, in particular visceral and abdominal fat, which is the most difficult to send away. In addition, scientific studies have shown that this element is able to reduce the assimilation of carbohydrates.
  • MCT oil (Medium-chain triglyceride): it is a medium-chain triglyceride (as said are good fatty acids) extracted from coconut oil, its task is to stimulate fat metabolism, to act on the digestive process and nutrient absorption, in this way it triggers weight loss. It is attributed several properties such as facilitating caloric consumption, dissolving fat accumulations and increasing the sense of satiety by removing the search for food.
  • Inulin (Cichorium intybus): it is a soluble fiber composed mostly of fructose, this substance has the ability to reach the intestine without the stomach's gastric juices affecting its structure. In this way it can act both as a prebiotic and as an indirect weight loss stimulant. To these properties is added the ability to increase the satiating power.
  • Guaran√† (Paullinia cupana): it is a climbing plant typical of the Amazon area, known since ancient times for its tonic properties. It is particularly effective in waking up the slow metabolism so as to enjoy slimming benefits both directly and indirectly. Its active ingredient (guaranine), which resembles caffeine, ensures high doses of energy to the whole body. Another characteristic is the ability to block hunger and is particularly resolutive in case of constipation.

The coffee flavour that makes Cappuccino MCT excellent to sip is given by the blend of delicious coffees such as Arabica coffee and Congolese coffee.



Enjoy the MCT Cappuccino